Fox float ctd инструкция

fox float ctd инструкция
Remove the climb mode blowoff spring and piston lying underneath. When the bleeding process is complete (when air bubbles are no longer produced as you squeeze the bladder and cycle the cartridge), remove the bleed adapter tool and top off the bleed hole with some oil. The proper rebound setting is a personal preference, and changes with rider weight, riding style and conditions. A rule of thumb is that rebound should be as fast as possible without kicking back and pushing the rider off the saddle. While gently tugging the topcap from below, you will seat the bladder in the bladder ring deep enough to install the bladder retainer and retaining ring. CAUTION: Do not pinch the bladder in the clamps! Make sure to properly maintain your shock The air seals inside FOX air shocks do a lot of work and should be replaced regularly in order to maintain optimal performance and prevent wear.

Note: To avoid damaging the damper tube, only tighten your vise clamps to the necessary minimum for achieving the rebound piston’s 55 in-lb torque specification. Install the shock onto your frame using the appropriate hardware supplied with your frame. When the topcap is threaded on, make sure the bladder is seated evenly into the topcap assembly with no distortions.

Make sure that your quick-release levers (or thru-axles) are properly adjusted and tightened. Pressurize your main air chamber to a minimum of 50 psi and no more than 300 psi. For slower rebound, turn the red adjuster control clockwise.

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