Beamex mc5-r-is инструкция

beamex mc5-r-is инструкция
Simply select the appropriate measure and/or source functions and fill out the procedure template. Records and documents results To support your ISO-9000 or regulatory standards the Fluke 754 captures your calibration results, eliminating the need to juggle a pen and pad in the field. You’ll fall in love with the new improved graphical screen, Li-Ion battery for longer life, USB port and new accessories to complete the package. Здесь вы можете получить необходимую информацию обо всех видах поставляемого оборудования и оказываемых нами услугах. Get up to speed in minutes, not days. Use it to set the source function to a calculated value.

Typical 90 day measurement and source accuracy can be estimated by dividing the one year «% of reading» or «% of output» specifications by 2. Floor specifications, expressed as «% of full scale» or «counts» or «ohms» remain constant. Display pressure readings in any of 10 different pressure units you specify in the calibrator setup. Requires no external box or second tool for everyday HART calibration and maintenance.

The 754 also features a powerful built in HART® interface capable of performing nearly all the day-to-day tasks you now perform with a separate communicator. The 754 is everything you needed and wished for in the 744 and more! HART communication capability is combined to deliver an integrated communicating calibrator. Features internal temperature compensation from 0° to 50°C for full accuracy performance. There’s no need to carry a pencil and paper or a separate calculator.

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