Метакам инструкция для коров

метакам инструкция для коров
Байтрил® 10% раствор для орального применения / Антибактериальные препараты Байтрил® 10% антимикробный препарат широкого спектра действия для лечения бактериальных инфекций и микоплазмозов домашней птицы. Propofol: can-2-6 mg/kg IV to effect, rab-6-9 mg/kg IV. Short acting hypnotic used alone or in combination for sedation or anesthesia. Used as an inhalant anesthetic in other species, especially in jar type set-ups.

Dinoprost (Lutalyse): can, fel-0.025-0.25 mg/kg IM SID for pyometra, or after day 40 for luteolysis and abortion. Aggressive behaviour and poorer meat quality (tougher, darker coloured meat) of intact males are some of the reasons for performing castration. Rifampin: mammals-5-10 mg PO SID-BID. Highly lipid soluble antibiotic used for long term therapy of abscesses, corynebacteria and mycobacteria. s Selenium: see Vit. E/selenium. Rapid onset of action with about 12 hours duration of effect. *Procainamide: can- 6-20 mg/kg IM Q4-6 h, or Q6-8 h PO. Antiarrhythmic drug useful for ventricular tachycardia or ventricular premature complexes.

Minocycline: av-5-10 mg/kg PO TID, fish-250 mg/100 g food or 250-500 mg/10 gal water. Used for prevention of Pneumocystis carinii infections in immunodeficient rodents. Fenbendazole: can, fel-50 mg/kg PO SID x 3d, bov-5mg/kg PO, av-20 mg/kg PO SID x 3d. Anthelminthic with activity against all nematodes and Taenia cestodes. Low vapor pressure makes this appropriate for use in an ether jar as well as a conventional vaporizer. Respiratory depression can become significant at higher doses.

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