Motorola dp4801 инструкция

This affects the color palette of the display. Press to move one space to the right. Your radio is able to customize certain feature parameters to enhance the use of your radio. Page 114: Call Forwarding Menu Timer Call Forwarding Set the period of time your radio stays in the menu before it You can enable your radio to automatically forward voice calls automatically switches to the Home screen. to another radio. The entries from using it, and enable that radio, when it is recovered.

Press the PTT button to talk and release it to listen. The first Receiving and Responding to a Selective Call text line shows the caller alias. Page 110: Turning The Introduction Screen On Or Off Screen returns to the previous menu. Универсальный передающий модуль устройства способен работать как в диапазоне UHF, так и на частотах ультракоротких дециметровых волн VHF. В эту серию встроен GPS маяк и работа через Bluetooth.
The setting also affects the Menu Navigation Buttons Setting the Squelch Level and keypad backlighting accordingly. Keeping the DTMF tone modulation below 2⁄3 system maximum preserves the clean sine wave produced by the encoder. Product Safety and RF Exposure Compliance Contact your dealer or system administrator for details. Page 112: Vox) Feature On Or Off The display backlight, buttons, and keypad backlighting are automatically turned off if the LED indicator is disabled (see Follow the procedure below.

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