Инструкция телевизор toshiba ct 9340

Bang was 330pF cap 2540 across PSU MOSFET exploding, suspect went s/c. Diodes 6513 & 6511 cracked and s/c. Replaced C2540. Could not get diode 1N5062/BYW55 rep, so replaced all 4 diodes with BY399. PSU MOSFET removed and checked,ok. Right click on the default printer and select Printing Preferences from the menu. At this point, the view in Vista is different from the one in Windows 7. The view in Vista is below. When main switch is pushed ON, relay coupling and decoupling (on-off, on-off) Replace: C805 (47uF, 50V) next to the TDA4605 and C801 (1uF, 50V) (Zoran) Goldstar TV Model: CBT-9745 (PC91A Chassis) TV dead. PSU ok, led lit. Для выбора канала нажимаем кнопку ОК, если это сортировка аналоговых каналов, нажимаем стрелочку вправо. 6. Для перемещения канала на желаемую позицию используем стрелочки вверх/вниз.

Better to change all 4 capacitors in the power unit, everything was then ok ! (Anonymous) Sony TV Model: KV21M1D Picture disapears a moment after changing program. The tube shows no horizontal lines After disconnecting the horizontal plug the +148V and CRT high voltage remained stable. Any better ideas ? (George) Vestel TV (11AK19 Chassis) At switch on front l.e.d turns green, blinks 3 times then set returns to standby. Faint whistling noise on switch on. No standby LED Replaced STR1006, no dfference. Why ? An insight into what TV engineers did, after speaking to Sony UK: (a) 0.47K resistor replaces L656 in line to Q651 B. (b) 0.33 ohm resistor added between L650 and Q651 E. A resistor also replaces L657. Still lasted only 2 years.
The other two 68Kohm resistors are rated at 0.5W. We replaced them all with 1W resistors. Under the Layout tab, in the Page Order section, make your choice from the drop down menu. Checked and found the 5v reg/reset IC002. (L78LR05D) was s/c, replace the IC to clear the fault (Anonymous) Philips TV Model: 25PT4103 (L6.2 Chassis) Blank screen no audio. No results from tuner or SCART socket. Line O/P Transistor OK. 36 Volt Zener, D614 found to be short. Срещата е решаваща за това дали България ще се класира на Световното първенство по футбол през 2018 … още » [ 17.03.2017 ] Благой Иванов – Багата ще защитава титлата си тази неделя (19.03.) пряко по Mtel Sport! Lightning damage to this set and connected VCR. Centre/surround amplifier IC shorted blowing IC protector to its negative rail.

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