Инструкция hp deskjet1220c

инструкция hp deskjet1220c
Make sure your printer has a sheet of standard paper avail- able to perform the alignment. If you replace a cartridge during a print job, align- ment occurs after the print job is finished. 1 Power on the printer and open the Access Door. Hardware Troubleshooting 6-27 The HP DeskJet 1220C Quick Checkup Check the Print Cartridges \w\ Lock the Cleanout Trough into position. \W) Plug in the printer. |^H Power on the printer. I^H Open the Access Door. Chapter Descriptions xv Chapter 7: Removal, Replacement and Calibration Step-by-step procedures show how to replace field replaceable components in the printer and how to calibrate the printer. Yes Sharing the printer on a mixed Mac and PC network is not recommended. /Did the\ /document frorrh \another client/ \j print? /^ Yes >-NoH Check Direct Connect. Turn off printer and disconnect the cable you are not using. Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring the Printer Learn how to get the printer ready for use.

Replace one part at a time to isolate the cause. Tree 6.10 Troubleshooting the Self-Test Hardware Troubleshooting 6-49 Protective Tape on the Print Cartridge? When I play computer and video games, one of the things that I do often is use cheat codes. The Self-Test also provides useful information for troubleshooting print quality and print cartridge problems. 1 Open the ToolBox by double-clicking the HP 1220C icon on your desktop or click Start, select Programs, followed by «HP 1220C Series», followed by HP 1220C ToolBox.

The black screws have been specifically torqued to provide proper tension for PPS adjustments. 6 Raise the PPS Tool latch and move the Carriage to align the ESD clip on the color cartridge cradle with the third cockle rib to the right of the pivot. Software Troubleshooting 6-1 3 A Blank Page is Printed START ^Tape on \ the print xcartridges’?/ No j Print cartridge out of \ ink? / No Printer settings correct? Очень широкий выбор моделей позволяет подобрать принтер даже самому требовательному покупателю. Damage to the printer or the print cartridge resulting from modifying or refilling the print cartridge is not the responsibility of HP. Nothing Works? If none of these solutions work, this problem is likely caused by a failure in the printer or computer system.

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