Indesit wd 125 t инструкция

indesit wd 125 t инструкция
Код ошибки описывает только обнаруженный дефект, не уточняя неисправный элемент. You can modify the programme manually and restart the washing machine. Check whether the feet have been correctly levelled and that they are not damaged. Check the amount and type of detergents and additives you use for washing.

Check whether you have not loaded the machine beyond the limits outlined in the user manual. Для вашего удобства, мы их опубликовали в online-режиме, сделав информацию более доступной и удобной для прочтения. Demo or «Test» will appear on the display. Bleach must be released into the machine during cold wash cycles and must thus be added into a specific compartment.

Avoid loading the washing machine excessively and check the maximum load capacity indicated on the user manual. Does the socket you are using work? To check, plug another appliance into it (e.g. hair dryer). Ensure that the water supply valve has been properly opened. Always check whether the wash cycle is actually finished. In order to complete the wash cycle, simply restart it by pressing the Start-Pause/Start-reset/On-Off button again.

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