Xerox 4510 картридж инструкция

xerox 4510 картридж инструкция
Phaser® 4510 Laser Printer Solving Print-Quality Problems Solutions Print several blank sheets of paper to remove the toner accumulations. Adjust the paper guides to fit against the index cards. Print a Configuration page. If the Configuration page prints correctly, ■ check the interface cable between the computer and the printer, and the application software. If the connections appear normal, contact ■ your Customer Support Center. Phaser® 4510 Laser Printer Cleaning the Printer 4510-116 4510-117… Page 102 Align the tabs on the feed roll with the slots on the shaft (1), and then push the feed roll completely onto the shaft (2). Push the paper tray back into the printer. For most commercial cut-size grades, the ream wrapper contains an inner lining that protects the paper from moisture loss or gain.

Phaser® 4510 Laser Printer Solving Print-Quality Problems Solutions Replace the print cartridge. The Troubleshooting tab in your Windows printer driver also includes useful links. Phaser® 4510 Laser Printer Printing on Specialty Media 4510-097 4510-087 3-37… Page 74 , and then press the OK button.

Для заправки картриджа Ricoh sp3500 используется монохромный тонер Samsung. Other types of transparency film can melt and and damage the printer. Select the Protocols folder on the left navigation panel, and then click TCP/IP. Click the TCP/IP (v6) button.

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