Инструкция kenwood 708

инструкция kenwood 708
Техника для дома Kenwood – это не просто бытовая техника для кухни от известного многим людям бренда. You can change the operating frequency using the Tuning control or Mic [UP]/ [DWN]. TM-V708 Memory Recall mode Press [MR] to select. Features | Specifications | AccessoriesControls | Head | Front Panel | Rear Panel | Mic Features 200 Alpha Memories Dual Display DTMF Hand Mic.

Page 46: Programmable Information Programmable Memory (PM) stores virtually all settings currently set on the transceiver. Partial (VFO) Reset does not initialize the following settings: Some of the VFO factory defaults are listed below: 1 Press [MNU] to enter Menu mode. This function will be useful, for example, when you want to control the mobile from a location outside your vehicle. This saves power consumption and makes it simpler to read the information presented. Кенвуд купить – это означает приобрести бытовую кухонную технику, которая является квинтэссенцией современных технических наработок в производстве техники для домашнего пользования. Page 66: Programmable Function (pf) Keys The Programmable Function keys, [PF], [MR], [VFO], and [CALL], are located on the front of the microphone.

Press the left [BAND SEL] (1 s) to blank band B, or the right [BAND SEL] (1 s) to blank band A. Page 71: Transceiver Lock, All-control Lock, S-meter Squelch TRANSCEIVER LOCK Transceiver Lock is suitable for a typical mobile installation where you alter most functions with your microphone. Note that the K3 also has a menu setting for the «Line Out» level, which can be turned up if needed to increase the RX Audio going into the SignaLink. When you recall a named memory channel, its name appears above the frequency. Page 60 When using a MC-58DM, you can also use its keypad to select a CTCSS frequency.

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