Инструкция к колонке activ portable music speaker

инструкция к колонке activ portable music speaker
How do I daisy chain the Panaray MA12 modular line array loudspeaker? All the listeners’ ears must be contained in the «wedge of sound.» A slight pitch from 1° – 10° may be applied to the loudspeaker to eliminate reflections off the rear wall, as long as the listeners’ ear heights are still covered within the line array. What is the expected range for the wireless connection? Bluetooth Stereo-Ready The days of tape decks, CD players and even MP3 devices are long gone.

What is the main difference between the Panaray MA12 modular line array loudspeaker and other loudspeakers? The typical range is 60-80 feet (18-24 meters) with a clear line of sight. Due to its line array behavior when using multiple loudspeakers, it is mounted at ear height and, therefore, better solves customer problems at a lower overall project cost than conventional systems.

Bluetooth signal strength varies between different devices. If I am streaming music from my phone to the Truesonic Wireless speakers, will incoming phone calls be audible over the loudspeakers? Yes. Truesonic wireless loudspeakers will remember their linking settings even after they are powered off. Linking is the process that allows 2 Truesonic Wireless speakers to be connected as a stereo pair. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. How does the Panaray MA12 modular line array loudspeaker fit in the Panaray product family?

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