Microlab model a-6320 инструкция

Some years later, Lang moved to Honolulu, where he became a yacht broker. He and McClashan main- tained an autostart-teletype radio circuit between his of- fice and McClashan’s posh home in Beverly Hills. Ann Aitoor m 48106 W2NSD/1 HEVER SAY DIE ec//tor/a/ tDy Watyne Green A HAM CAREER? Why not? i chose thai avenue for enjoying both my hobby and my life and Tve had so much fun «working» that it almost makes me feel guilty. This conirot board was built for the new l
Prohibition was 73 Magazine • August, 1980 37 This v/ew looks straight up the lOO-foot antenna nia^i of KGCX at Wolf Point. Reverse operation Nonlocking switch shifts receiver to transm^t fre- quency and transmitter to receive frequency. Not that sure about Mexico and Canada either? Would like schedule changed to take advantage of openings to JA and other countries. Conclusion The KT’1 requires a source of 12 V dc tor operation; an or- dinary wall-plug transformer will do the job.
Your brush is usuaiiy much too broad to be really credible. Словом, кому-то важнее удобства, а кому-то «понты» – вариант найдётся для каждого. Once the applicant has made application for all six achievements, a seventh and ultimate award Known as the Work the World DX Award will be Issued automati- cal ly without charge. Automatic brake action cushions stops to reduce inertia stresses. The squelch sensitivity is superb requiring less than 0.1 uV to open.

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