Publik kiosk инструкция

publik kiosk инструкция
Reset: resets all the properties to their default values. The kiosk software doesn’t use the Windows registry. Copy your logo image file into the /shared/sos/kiosk/images/ directory and change the icons value to match its path. You may also need to install and configure a simple FTP server on the SOS machine to handle the FTP file transfers between the two systems.

However, it is likely that cases of this nature will be rare. 12. The Forestry Commission – Parks Exemption For consideration of Forests, Way Marked Trails and Visitor Centres, Car Parks etc occupied by the Forestry Commission see also Volume 5 Section 431. These files are written to a generated subdirectory (normally /shared/sos/locale/generated). Any tsv files previously generated will be overwritten. The House of Lords held that the County Council were not in rateable occupation of the park.

The filename stem (e.g., air for air.sos) will be used as the group name in the kiosk. The park included a refreshment pavilion which was let commercially to a tenant who sold refreshments to users of the park. Converts translations for the Remote App’s user interface defined in tab separated value (tsv) files normally located in /shared/sos/locale/iOS to a special Apple strings format.

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